How to get a COMPETITIVE EDGE and a better return on your Marketing efforts!!

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It a new year and as each new year begins and another closes , I spend some time in the first month reviewing changes and new methods of Marketing to not only help my business  but to share those ideas, tools and resources back to my clients and connections.

In doing this exercise this year it has reinforced that some fundamentals don’t change and following some simple guidelines can produce Massive results for less effort when marketing your products or services..

One of these fundamentals is “THE BUYERS JOURNEY”  the step by step thinking we all go thorough when making a decision to purchase anything from Fruit and Veg to Hiring a Trades person and anything in between ..

To fully understand the concepts around effective marketing and how people buy you must recognize that we are all FUTURE buyers or NOW buyers of any product or services!!



To break it down – FUTURE BUYERS represents 95%-98%  of the current market where the other 2% -5% are NOW BUYERS

Unfortunately (or fortunate for YOU) most business owners MARKET to the NOW Buyers rather than the FUTURE Buyers– Let me explain further …


In previous blogs and posts I have spoken how important it is to do “STRATEGIC MARKETING” rather than “TACTICAL MARKETING”


TACTICAL MARKETING -tries to jump the prospect instantly from point  A- to point Z


STRATEGIC MARKETING – Understands that prospects gather information and takes the prospects from A to B to C until Z or when the Buyer goes from a FUTURE BUYER to a NOW BUYER and purchases your product or service?


The timing all depends on the particular product and service on When the buyer will purchase –For example  we can go through the week as a FUTURE buyer for “FISH and Chips” I have a Flyer from my local Fish & Chippy shop stuck on my Fridge – Come Friday I go to a NOW buyer –WHO DO I CALL ?

The point is would you rather be spending money on marketing to 2%-  5% of the market or get a better return marketing to the 95%-98% of the market ??

For more advise on How you can implement this in to your Marketing Mediums –Please book a FREE call with me here

To your success,

Paul Duncan

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