Good, Cheap, Fast

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Good, Cheap, Fast – where Good represents quality products and services, Cheap represents a low price, and Fast represents quick delivery or service.

There is an old theory that out of these 3 desires – a business can only ever satisfy 2 of them at any one time for customers.  Basically, the theory goes if you are the customer, your choice is “Good, Cheap, Fast – pick 2!”  In other words:-

  • Good service Cheap won’t be Fast,
  • Good service Fast won’t be Cheap, and
  • Fast service Cheap won’t be Good.


IMAGE: Sourced from the internet. I was unable to locate the original source of the photo to credit, but thank you someone!

On the face of it, this sounds logical, but can this really be true?

I will tell you what is possible.  Fast can be achieved with more efficient processes, which in turn can also reduces cost, and can also make the product or service better!

Continue down this path and we are on our way to the trifecta of Good, Cheap and Fast.  Add some other variables like scale and technology, and we’re getting even closer.

Think outside the box and find ways to continuously improve and to give  your customers a better deal in all these three areas.  Be complacent and believe you can neglect one, at your own peril – you may find your customers picking your competitors over you!

You can develop these quickly and easily through my CEC E-Learning Marketing Program and  Business Growth Coaching Program. In fact, I want to give you a taste of the expert content you receive from us as a member in this program.

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To your success,

Paul Duncan

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