How to build trust

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TRUST is they Key to develop long term relationships w customers and clients… BUT…How do you yell from the roof tops and say “TRUST ME, I AM A GOOD PERSON” ? What do you do to earn the trust of your clients? What to you do to ensure that your clients continue trusting you? It all comes down to a close relationship where trust is earned.

5 top tips to help your clients trust you.

1. Keep in touch with your clients.
Do not just call your clients when you need to make money and they are an easy target. People are not stupid; they do not need to be hounded by you, but they do need to know they have value beyond a payment. Send a birthday email. Call them regularly. Send out a regular newsletter offering them knowledge and entertainment.


2. Be Consistent.
My local hairdresser is consistent. At every appointment there is a process. Be seated, offered a magazine, offered a coffee or water, a 5 minute consultation and then over to the seats to have your hair done. A text message 6 weeks later to get your hair done again. The consistency of their processes makes me feel comfortable. The first time a new customer goes they feel unique and cared for. The subsequent times they understand the process and feel relaxed through the consistency. Comfort and understanding earns trust.


3. Do not distort the truth.
People know that if they buy a door knob it is not going to change their lives, so do not say it will. Be honest with your clients. If you do not know the answer, tell them so. Let them know that you will go out of your way to find the answer.


4. Get customers to vouch for you.
Case studies and testimonials are a must. If people can identify with someone that is happy with your service, they will feel comfortable. Ask for testimonials as part of your sales process. If you have 100 customers, you should have 100 testimonials.


5. Adopt a cause.
Get out in the community. If people see you actively working out in the community, they will not only see you, but think highly of you because you are not hiding behind a desk in a dingy office somewhere. Get involved, coach a sports team, help with RSPCA, fund raise for your favorite charity or school. If you have a little money for marketing, you could create a community event. The media may even cover it, boosting your profile.

Clients want to trust us all. We are a nation who are eager to trust. With care, consistency and competency, trust is easily earned. The most important attribute to remember is to trust yourself. Trust yourself to be an exceptional business person. Trust yourself to deliver the best possible service to your clients. Trust in yourself and your clients will follow suit.

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