” 10″ Top Tips on how to be a Great Leader

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I recently was asked by a friend in Business “How do I become a better Leader in my Organisation?”

So I thought I would share some tips on how to become a better leader.

  1. TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE- Leaders think about the future and direction the company is going, Keep your team involved in moving the business forward.
  2. TEACH SOMEONE SOMETHING NEW- Be committed to your organisation and the growth of your team. Nothing sends a stronger message than taking the time to teach and communicate.
  3. SEEK NEW IDEAS- Be proactive and look for new initiatives and ways of streamlining operations. Better ways to make work easier for your team and increase efficiency. Ask your team for feedback?
  4. Tell SOMEONE TODAY THEY DID A GREAT JOB- Do not be afraid of praising your team when a job is done well. This encourages trust and loyalty.
  5. BE MAD, THEN GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON– Leaders have passion for the business that can sometimes lead to anger or frustration. You are only human. Don’t let a small challenge waste a good day.
  6. SAY HELLO AND MEET SOMEONE NEW TODAY- Say Hello to all your Team every day and meet someone new in your organisation or alternatively outside your company. It’s guaranteed you will lean something new today that you did not know yesterday.
  7. SAY MORE “YES’S”- Leaders are not afraid to make a commitment and agree on decisions. Find ways of saying YES more often in your business. This proves you have trust in the eyes of your team.
  8. ALWAYS ACTIVE LISTEN- they say “TWO EARS-ONE MOUTH” Many leaders talk far more than they listen. Listen to your team, you might learn something?
  9. BE ENERGETIC- Have enthusiasm and energy each day. This will, transfer to your team- Lead by example and what how your team will change.
  10. HAVE FUN- Business is FUN. Live it and enjoy. People will follow someone who enjoys what they do.Paul Duncan

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